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A Very Special Thanks to

I think Soa might be one of the happiest people I have met. She is the equivalent of everyone's spirit animal, or everybody's dream Girl Next Door!

Besides the fact that she does not like cheese, (which should be punishable by law) we had a great day on set. 

I think Mirna (MakeUp) and Soa became BFFs by the time we wrapped up?

I put in a lot of effort to keep her calm for a few minutes so we can get this interview done, and get to know this Madagascaran Beauty a little bit better...

Where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in Miami but my father is french and my mom is from Madagascar

Have you ever been to Madagascar? What is it like?

Yes I went once when I was 10 or 11 and I remember being so in love with the country. It's not a tropical paradise there's a lot of poverty and you see that but there's something about the place that's so pure and beautiful. I'm actually trying to plan a trip back there this year because it's just been too long

How did you get discovered? 

That's actually a pretty funny story. When I was little my parents took me and my brother to this place called Wanadoo city in Florida. It's basically a big indoor world where kids can run around and have adult jobs and just be adults for the day. I found the modeling job, of course, which was basically dressing up and walking down a runway, and I stayed there all day. My dad noticed and asked the people how we can get me into the business and they referred me to a kids modeling agency and it's just been something I've been pursuing ever since then, with its ups and downs of course.

So this has been the dream since a very young age? Was there any models you looked up to when you were little?

Yea I was that kid that took dance, voice, acting, and everything in between classes. Not necessarily because I was craving success from those disciplines but more because I've always been drawn to them. I really look up to Gisele as a model and a person. She worked her way up with no outside help from big names or money. Dominated both high fashion and commercial work and now has a family and advocates for really great causes like the protection of the rain-forests.

Favorite Food?

Oooo that's so hard. I'm a foodie but I can tell you my favorite cuisines! I love Peruvian, Indian, French of course.  But yea I guess my favorite cheat meal would be a nice curry or pizza... ugh you see I can't decide!

PIZZA!? That is a very interesting answer, coming from a person who does not like cheese...

Hahaha yes yes the rumors are true I don't like cheese. But I do tolerate mozzarella in pizzas and paninis. But that's it. Don't push it with the cheese.

Do you read the insta comments?
Yes, and I always try to like or comment back on the positive or nice ones :)

What does it take for you to follow someone? Is there anything you'd like to see? What grabs your attention?

Yea usually I like to meet someone before I follow them just because I know how someone's social image can reflect very differently from who they really are. I try not to get too caught up in all that stuff either way. If your page is cool and I know I'll like your stuff then cool I'll follow you.

What is the dream?

The dream is simply to make this job a career. A successful career. Now the direction of that I rather not put Boundaries on just because you never know where life will take you but every day the dream becomes more and more clear and as for now it seems like the more commercial route with clients like Victoria's Secret seems to be the path I'm on.

Tell me more about that. You already work with Victoria's Secret. How did that happen? 

Well my super agent Steven Reider set up the casting last New York's Fashion Week and I guess it went well because I've been shooting with them ever since with a focus on the sports apparel mostly.

Were you the happiest girl in the world when you got that call?

My first thought was probably " let me go workout real quick" haha but no it was truly amazing and a blessing that I don't take for granted.

Worst pick-up line you ever got?

Wow... I don't even know where to begin. I can't remember a specific line but pickup lines in general don't work with me hahah genuine people and introductions are the way to go.

What's your type?

I used to think I had a type, but I grew up and really could not care about that. I look for genuine people who are confident in themselves and love to laugh. And if that happens to be a cute guy then yea I'll have my eye on them haha

Most beautiful place you ever been to?

Vanuatu. I'll let everyone go look it up because it's so gorgeous over there.

Favorite City?

That's a tough one, I'm in the middle of moving my life out of Miami to more of New York and L.a. I love the city itself of Miami and it's home but l.a seems to to slowly creeping into my heart so I'll keep you posted.

All time favorite movie?

Django by Quentin Tarantino. All around epic movie.

Totally Unexpected!!

Did you expect the notebook hahaha?

Perhaps not, but I didn't see the mass murderous side of you coming either...

Hahaha expect the unexpected with me.

I guess I will skip the question where I ask if you are the romantic type?

Most of the time no, really romantic and cheesy stuff make me a bit uncomfortable, but if it's coming from the right person I'll think it's sweet.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Dark chocolate or Vanilla when it's from Madagascar

Have to show some support you know?

Never knew there was Madagascan Vanilla...

It's their biggest export!

I expect some on your next visit!

I got you!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to be outdoors so running, going to the beach, to a park. I like to read and I've started writing a bit. I'm always listening to music as I'm always traveling alone so it's good company.

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